Beauty post: OLAPLEX

Currently one of my favourite products is the at home hair treatment OLAPLEX no.3

My hair has bleach on the mid lengths and ends and with washing, blow drying and straightening every other day, the condition can suffer.

I have the in-salon (no.1 & 2) OLAPLEX treatment every 6-8 weeks and no.3 is the at home treatment. You apply it to clean dry hair and leave on for minimum 10 minutes (I sleep with it on overnight and wash off in the morning) and then wash and condition your hair as normal. (OLAPLEX no.3 is NOT a hair conditioner)

The OLAPLEX system permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. If you’ve over bleached/styled/coloured your hair over the years, Olaplex allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair making it smoother, stronger and easier to style.

I buy my OLAPLEX no.3 online from the LOOK FANTASTIC website and they always have discount codes available so have never paid the full £32 a bottle as of yet.

The condition of my hair is better and when I wash and blow dry it, the style holds for longer staying smoother and shinier.

OLAPLEX No.3 at home treatment

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