BEAUTY POST: Travel essentials

Between travelling for my job and travelling with the horses to shows and training, I can rack up a lot of flights over the year.

I am still a work-in-progress when it comes to packing “light” (just ask my husband) but one thing I am pretty accomplished at now is spotting a good product or two that come in handy for when you travel or stay away from home.

Here are some of my go-to products which I have tried and tested during my travels!

CHANEL CC CREAM:- Not just strictly for travelling as I use it also at home but this is great tinted moisturiser which has a natural coverage and is SPF50 which means you don’t have to worry about sun damage.

IMG_3278 2

BIODERMA PHOTODERM SUN CREAM:- all the Bioderma products are great as they don’t irritate my sensitive skin. One of the best sun care products for price and quality.

HELIOCARE ADVANCED FACE GEL SPF50:- really light gel that is good for oily/combination skin especially when in hot weather or at shows whilst riding. High SPF50 so perfect for complete protection while in the sun.

COSMETIC BOTTLES:- When you find products you like and they come in huge bottles, its always annoying having to leave them home while trying to travel light. I use a selection of travel size bottles and then fill them with my favourite products to ensure I can keep up with my usually beauty regime while travelling.


WELLA DRY ME SHAMPOO:- I have tried a lot of dry shampoo’s (and I mean a lot) but this is by far my favourite. Its perfect for using to give an extra days freshness or trying to hide riding hat hair disasters and doesn’t leave any white powdery patches so good for darker hair like mine. You can also purchase a smaller bottle which is perfect for travelling.


BY TERRY BAUME DE ROSE LIP BALM:- I am a huge fan of all the ByTerry products whether it be make-up, lipsticks or skincare but the Baume de rose is something I buy in bulk! Its a super luxurious lip balm which is a saviour for dry skin when flying a lot. It can also be used on fingers/cuticles to combat dryness and is also anti-ageing and sun protection with an SPF15.


Click on the titles of all products to see my recommended place to purchase.

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  1. Sarah Lewis says:

    Nice post Alica, I am really enjoying your Blog – although I think it could be costing me a bit of money with all the clever recommendations. xx

    1. liscey says:

      Thank you so much Sarah xxx

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