Travelling abroad to a show with horses can mean packing tons of equipment as (like me) they haven’t yet mastered the art of travelling light!

A tack locker becomes the centre of the stabling set up and works as a horsey wardrobe storing all the obvious things like saddles, bridles, boots etc but also other equipment that I have found to be useful for keeping the horses happy. Check out my top 5 tack locker show essentials……


Flexi Equine tack locker from www.thetackboutique.com


FLEXINEB – I originally bought this portable nebuliser for a horse that has respiratory issues at home but now it has become an essential part of our travel routine. After long days travelling on the truck, we use it to help clear the airways and prevent travel sickness and if necessary it is a great way to administer antibiotics or medication and natural remedies. (click on title for further details)



TENDONIL – is a soothing leg gel which is great to use on the tendons after jumping. There are lots of different versions on the market to help cool the legs down but TENDONIL is my favourite. I apply it generously to clean legs on tendon area and leave on. (click on title for further details)



TENDON GRIP – made by Kentucky, this is an elasticated tube bandage which is super soft and sits snugly under the boots to stop sensitive skin getting rubbed. With two grey horses with very pink skin, these tube grips are well needed! I use these under some work/jump boots and also under ice boots to prevent ice burns after jumping.

The tendon grip comes in cream and black


ICE BOOTS – Not strictly kept in the tack locker but in a nearby freezer, they are an important part of the horses post jumping routinue. We put the boots on for approx 20 mins following jumping as cold therapy is believed to be one of the most effective methods for alleviating soft tissue-related aches and pains of horses following hard work. My favourite boot is the ColdOne wrap, easy to use and they fit the leg really well (click on title for further details)



SUGAR CUBES – lastly…….an essential but naughty treat for the horses after they have finished work or competition! If we have run our of sugar then other favourites are carrots, apples, bananas or polo mints!

IMG_3361 2.jpg


Have you read my post on travelling abroad with the horses? If not click here for a step by step guide on how to make the process as easy as possible!



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